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India is a land of diversity and so is its culture and taste. Each state has its own flavors and spices that they are famous for. Any Indian food becomes a bit more finger licking due to the spices. As an Indian, no one can deny the greatness of the spices. A spice is identified as a seed, root, and bark or as a fruit of a plant.

It is mainly used to add a tint of color or some flavor in the food. Spices first received its recognition in the Indian subcontinent around 2000 BCE with the spices like cinnamon and black pepper. Without the spices, the food would become either bland and make our taste buds useless.

So you must be thinking, how spices have captured a major market in India. There are wholesale bulk spices suppliers who sell these spices at a good affordable price. Spices and seasoning suppliers in India make a lot of profit through this industry as the country is a major producer of spices in the world. India alone produces 75 out of 109 varieties of spices. Lots of spices Marketing company in India like Everest, MDH, Catch etc have flourished well, thanks to the growing demand within and outside the country.

According to some official sources, India has exported around a massive $3.11 billion kilogram of various spices to different parts of the world in the time frame of 2017-2018 making it one of the exporters of bulk spices and seasonings.  Actually the main secret behind this kind of spice production and good quality of spices is the climate of Indian subcontinent that is neither too hot nor cold, making it ideal for its cultivation.

You must be thinking as where to find so many spices under one roof, obviously cheap, yet of great quality and probably buy spices wholesale. For everyone who lives or has lived in India, knows the significance of spices and seasonings. Spices are like the heart and body of our country, isn’t it? So, let’s dive into the depth of most used kitchen spices and know about them.


Cinnamon has a mild taste and kind of sweet and earthy flavor as it is obtained from the bark of a tree. It is a taste enhancer and if recalled, its use is prominent in dishes like Pulao, Biryani. It is not just used in savory dishes but also in deserts like Churros, Cakes, Cinnamon rolls and pies. At times, it is also added in jams and jellies to add that extra earthy and sweet flavor.


Cardamom comes in its true form, as a gift from nature, as you can see that the seeds are inside the outer cover. It is almost an essential among the grocery spices in our Indian cooking. The strong, aromatic flavor with a hint of mild pungency truly defines this spice. It helps in improving your digestion and lowering blood pressure levels and simultaneously you can never forget the deserts where you can use them like in kheer, halwa etc.

  1. CUMIN

Cumin or jeera, as locally known are seeds that are small and crescent-shaped and most of the times used in its raw form i.e. seed. It too has an earthy flavor and has a strong aroma. This spice is rich in manganese and iron and has lots of benefits attached to it. Cumin not only adds flavor to the food but also helps to digest the food easily.


Turmeric is the most widely used among grinder indian spices and is often referred to as the “golden spice” because of its aroma that it adds to the food and the uniqueness of the color it imparts! It is the best jar spice that is always available in wholesale spices and herbs distributors. Turmeric since ages has been serving as a spice, as a medicine having numerous health benefits. If you are totally into Indian cuisine, you already know the importance of this spice; it is usually added at the beginning of the cooking process with other ingredients.


Black pepper is one hell of a spice! It can change any food with a little dash of it. Also available in the form of seeds, this spice is often used to add fire and heat to the food when you are out of red chili powder. The seed is processed as grinder mill spices and is a good cure for sore throat and common cold and increases metabolism too.


Nutmeg and mace is a deadly combo. It is filled with richness, earthy and spicy flavor. Used in both sweet and savory dishes, it is widely used in any rich dish. The oil extracted from the seed is used to cure cough and digestive problems.

Now coming to question of where to find the best place to buy bulk spices online? Can you get it under one roof? Will the quality be undermined if its low priced? Will you find the best deal on spices? There are lots of spices wholesalers in India but not all of them are genuine spices exporters in India and don’t sell wholesale organic spices. If you need to buy bulk wholesale spices or grinder mill spices then you have come to the right place. At our online shop you will be able to find all your requirements under one roof at PRIMECLUES.

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