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We use DHL, Aramex, and postal services for global deliveries.

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Yes, all the shipped goods are automatically insured before shipping.

No. We do not have any kind of membership.

Currently we only take orders from the categories listed in our websites, however we continuously work on updating our product listing and categories frequently.

Yes, as we are exporters and we do ship internationally.

Yes we do personalized products with individual names printed / engraved.

No, not all of them but, yes many of them are in ready stocks with us.

Yes, samples are on chargeable bases.

Certain products carry warranty / guarantee as they are branded. Other products also we stick to our quality and if there is any manufacturing defect then we replace the same.

No, All imported goods are subject to a country’s customs and duties. As limits and regulations vary in different countries, we encourage you to check on the website of your country’s governing authority.
Shipments are delivered with duty unpaid (DDU). This means duties and customs will not be included in your Deal and ship shipment charges. Duties and custom payments will be made by you to the courier delivering your package.

Below are charges applicable for all transactions
> Credit card & Debit card: 4% Payment Gateway fee
> Direct Bank Transfer to Deal and ship Account: No charges

A. Dangerous/Combustive Materials
Flammable Liquid, Colognes, Eau de toilette, Fragrance sprays, Nail polish & nail polish removers, Toners, Sanitizers, Aftershaves, Essential oils & diffuser oils, Alcoholic beverages, Compressed gas cylinders, Sprays, Aerosol cans, Hairsprays, Shaving creams, Hair mousse, Treatments containing alcohol (Rogaine), Fuels, Battery fluids, Gasoline, Lighters with lighter fuel, Petroleum, Gas torches

B. Oxidizing Substances & Organic Peroxides
Bleach, Paint thinners & removers, Adhesive products (glue, silicone), Turpentine, Fertilizers, Weed killers, Insecticide, Flammable Solid, Lithiumbatteries unless they comply with the following packaging requirements

  • Contained in properly packaged equipment
  • Batteries securely cushioned & packed to prevent short-circuiting

C. Export Controlled Item
(Any product which can be used in military, chemical or biological weapons, missile technology, or nuclear proliferation)
Handcuffs, Leg cuffs, Ankle cuffs, Police-type batons, Spraying & fogging systems

D. Firearms &Weapons / Firearms
(or parts thereof)

Sharp items such as hunting knives and swords, Imitation arms including toy guns, toy pistols, hand grenades, Firecrackers and fireworks, Cigarette lighters resembling weapons

E. Drugs
controlled chemicals including substances used for the manufacture of dangerous drugs or psychotropic substances, Narcotic drugs, Prescription drugs, Unlicensed drugs

F. Valuables
Antiques, Artworks, Precious metals & stones, Jewelry, Diamonds, Gold & silver, Currency, Bullion, Others, Pornographic materials, Counterfeit/replica goods, Magnetic material, Radioactive material & waste, Items requiring temperature-control/ perishable good
Note: Shipper/ Customs have the right to remove and destroy any undeclared prohibited or restricted items in the shipment.

How shipping weight is calculated?
Shipping weight is determined by the volumetric and actual weight of a shipment – whichever is greater

How shipping weight is calculated?
Volumetric weight is the ‘volume’ a package occupies. (ie, the physical size of a package)
Volumetric weight is calculated by the length x height x width of a package and dividing the result with a volumetric factor

What is the actual weight?
The actual physical weight of a package is its actual weight measured in kilograms. In international shipping, how much space a package occupies (volumetric weight) in a cargo hold is as important as how much it weights (actual weight). Large packages, even if they are light, take up more space in an aircraft. This is why shipping companies consider volumetric weight.

If the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight, you will be charged the volumetric weight.

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