Best rate Spices on Wholesale in India

India is a land of diversity and so is its culture and taste. Each state has its own flavors and spices that they are famous for. Any Indian food becomes a bit more finger licking due to the spices. As an Indian, no one can deny the greatness of the spices. A spice is identified as a seed, root, and bark or as a fruit of a plant.

It is mainly used to add a tint of color or some flavor in the food. Spices first received its recognition in the Indian subcontinent around 2000 BCE with the spices like cinnamon and black pepper. Without the spices, the food would become either bland and make our taste buds useless.

So you must be thinking, how spices have captured a major market in India. There are wholesale bulk spices suppliers who sell these spices at a good affordable price. Spices and seasoning suppliers in India make a lot of profit through this industry as the country is a major producer of spices in the world. India alone produces 75 out of 109 varieties of spices. Lots of spices Marketing company in India like Everest, MDH, Catch etc have flourished well, thanks to the growing demand within and outside the country.

According to some official sources, India has exported around a massive $3.11 billion kilogram of various spices to different parts of the world in the time frame of 2017-2018 making it one of the exporters of bulk spices and seasonings.  Actually the main secret behind this kind of spice production and good quality of spices is the climate of Indian subcontinent that is neither too hot nor cold, making it ideal for its cultivation.

You must be thinking as where to find so many spices under one roof, obviously cheap, yet of great quality and probably buy spices wholesale. For everyone who lives or has lived in India, knows the significance of spices and seasonings. Spices are like the heart and body of our country, isn’t it? So, let’s dive into the depth of most used kitchen spices and know about them.


Cinnamon has a mild taste and kind of sweet and earthy flavor as it is obtained from the bark of a tree. It is a taste enhancer and if recalled, its use is prominent in dishes like Pulao, Biryani. It is not just used in savory dishes but also in deserts like Churros, Cakes, Cinnamon rolls and pies. At times, it is also added in jams and jellies to add that extra earthy and sweet flavor.


Cardamom comes in its true form, as a gift from nature, as you can see that the seeds are inside the outer cover. It is almost an essential among the grocery spices in our Indian cooking. The strong, aromatic flavor with a hint of mild pungency truly defines this spice. It helps in improving your digestion and lowering blood pressure levels and simultaneously you can never forget the deserts where you can use them like in kheer, halwa etc.

  1. CUMIN

Cumin or jeera, as locally known are seeds that are small and crescent-shaped and most of the times used in its raw form i.e. seed. It too has an earthy flavor and has a strong aroma. This spice is rich in manganese and iron and has lots of benefits attached to it. Cumin not only adds flavor to the food but also helps to digest the food easily.


Turmeric is the most widely used among grinder indian spices and is often referred to as the “golden spice” because of its aroma that it adds to the food and the uniqueness of the color it imparts! It is the best jar spice that is always available in wholesale spices and herbs distributors. Turmeric since ages has been serving as a spice, as a medicine having numerous health benefits. If you are totally into Indian cuisine, you already know the importance of this spice; it is usually added at the beginning of the cooking process with other ingredients.


Black pepper is one hell of a spice! It can change any food with a little dash of it. Also available in the form of seeds, this spice is often used to add fire and heat to the food when you are out of red chili powder. The seed is processed as grinder mill spices and is a good cure for sore throat and common cold and increases metabolism too.


Nutmeg and mace is a deadly combo. It is filled with richness, earthy and spicy flavor. Used in both sweet and savory dishes, it is widely used in any rich dish. The oil extracted from the seed is used to cure cough and digestive problems.

Now coming to question of where to find the best place to buy bulk spices online? Can you get it under one roof? Will the quality be undermined if its low priced? Will you find the best deal on spices? There are lots of spices wholesalers in India but not all of them are genuine spices exporters in India and don’t sell wholesale organic spices. If you need to buy bulk wholesale spices or grinder mill spices then you have come to the right place. At our online shop you will be able to find all your requirements under one roof at PRIMECLUES.

Buy Resourceful Stem learning Kits At Affordable Prices

Kids Activity Kits

Kids are the best thing in your life. They are full of activities and fun. As cute as these little creatures are, the tougher it gets to handle them. Children education and activities have evolved a lot in the past few years. Today school curriculum have become more cohesive and activity based. You might have to buy a lot of things to make your kid learn about new concepts. but what if you don’t find it anywhere?

Primeclues is the company to trust. It is a large dealer in activity kits for kids. Kids need to learn a lot from a tender age. All the learning instilled into them from a soft and tender age lead them to having great carriers in the future. With the technology advancing and courses becoming tougher and tougher it is necessary that your kid has the access to all kinds of facilities and learning requirements.

Primeclues brings our wide range of educational stem kits for children of all age groups to ensure that no kid is deprived of any necessary knowledge. These stem kids are specifically designed for different purposes and to search different age groups.

Stem learning kits help students in more than one way. the incorporate within the kid a sense of knowledge and practical experience. Home school science kit can help a kid off elementary level as well as primary and secondary level to identify the basic scientific functions and developments in the world. These kits are equipped with latest technology equipment that base the foundational knowledge of a kid. therefore, each parent is advised to facilitate their kid with such learning kits.

Buy the best learning kits for your child

kids of today sure keen interest in the field of science and invention from a very early age. The key to development of a child is to garner and encourage their thoughts and creative ideas. Invention kits for kids are an exceptionally good learning kit for the young mind that wants to explore. Primeclues brings to you these exceptionally well equipped kits at all very minuscule price.

Technology kits for middle school students are also a very famous choice that is seen in the market. However, it is not easy to locate these kids in the local market. But should the depravity off resources impact your child’s education and development? Prime clues ensures that nothing in the world can stop your kid from learning.

Buy resourceful kits at affordable prices

Primeclues is the building example that quality does not come with price. We are believers of accommodating the best resources at the lowest prices therefore we bring in learning kids like the engineering kits for kids to ensure that there is no obstruction in your child’s learning. Stem kits for high school students are also available on our website .

The motto that drives us is the passion to bring a change. Shop with Primeclues today and reward your young champ for all their excellent and innovative ideas. Cherish their development and encourage that thinking. With Primeclues buy the best educational kits for your kids and piece of path to their future success.

Festive Gifting Items

Festive Gifting Items

Festivals always bring happiness and joy with them.  The togetherness and joy of festivities are at par. Festivals are the perfect occasion to make your loved ones special. What better than some great festive gifts to light up the environment. Primeclues is your one-stop store for all the great festival gift ideas.

PrimeClues is one of the top names when it comes buying festive gifts. Gifts are meant to be very special and close to our heart. It is something to be preserved till long. Therefore, Primeclues curates the best gifts for festival lovers.

Buy Gifts for Any Occasion

Primeclues brings for you a wide range of gifting ideas t make your loved ones feel special. Be it any festival, switch to our cost-effective gifting options. India as land is filled with different colours of festivals. Every festival is treated with great pomp and show. Diwali is one of the major festivals that the whole of India celebrates with great joy and happiness. With Diwali around the corner, gift your loved ones some amazing gifts that can light up their face just as the diyas light up the surroundings.

Primeclues have an exclusive range of interesting Diwali gifts. Starting from clothing to décor items, grooming kits, and many other Diwali creative gift ideas can be found on our website.

We also offer great gifts for the occasion of Christmas. The winter environment and a prelude to a new and fresh year, Christmas is no longer a festival celebrated by the Christians alone. This Christmas deliver some special secret Santa gifts to the people you care for. Our range of Christmas presents includes special assorted chocolates, beverages, generic gifting items and a lot.

Not just Diwali or Christmas we also deliver special gifts for occasions like Karwa Chauth and Bhai Dooj. With all the love and pain that your sisters take up to celebrate Bhai dooj, celebrate your bond with a special Bhai Dooj gift hamper.

Get the Best Gifts at the Lowest Prices

We understand how important it is to consider your pocket size while buying gifts. PrimeClues, being one of the best in the business, offers something for everyone. Our gifting items are extremely pocket-friendly but are top in quality and service.  If you are confused on what to gift your wife for Karwa Chauth, have a look at our Karwa Chauth gifts for wife ideas and bring a beautiful and bright smile on your wife’s face.

On-Time Service and Delivery

We take our services very seriously and have been delivering the best gift items for a long time. The plus point we have is our lightning fast delivery. Be it any location in the country; we ensure that your gift reaches your loved one on time and in proper condition.

Buy Diwali gifts and nice and beautiful Christmas gifts for friends, all from one shop. We are driven with conviction and deliver the best to you.

Brass and Copper Decorative Items

Brass and Copper Decorative Items

Home decor is a very wide field. All of us love decorating our homes with beautiful and exquisite pieces. Metal pieces in specific add a lot of show and drama to the house. They are heavy and give a very aristocratic look to the house. Talking about metals, the most common types of metals used for home decor and furnishing are brass and copper. Thinking of these products does it give you a pain in the head? Does accommodating metal items in your home sound very expensive to you? Then, prime clues are the ultimate site you need to visit.

Prime clues is an esteemed dealer off brass and copper items online. The deal in a wide variety of these items which are of high quality but are offered at a very low price. Brass hanging lamps online are very attractive and beautiful in their look. Most people want to incorporate these little pieces of decor into their houses but are often hesitant of the price that they have to pay. Prime clues are driven to erase this particular hesitation.

Shop for the best 5

Brass products online shopping at prime clues gives you a hefty discount on all the products. Our site offers a great number and design of brass decorative items online. These are not duplicated but are authentic in their nature. Many people also get Fonda far brass nameplates online. These nameplates are designed and customized according to the customer’s needs and variations.

Being in the industry for a considerable time now, prime clues is very particular about the quality of the product it delivers. Our team of experts and examiners exam each and every item for quality checks before delivering it to your doorstep.

Buy copper items online.

Copper is another common metal that is used for whom they called purposes. It comes in a wide range of variety. There are copper water mug, pots, wall hangings, other decor items. One can easily order ball copper items from our store. All the decor items present on our site are available at cost-effective and wholesale prices.

Best quality at reduced prices

The one thing we boast off is the amazing range of price we offer without compromising on our quality. All our products undergo various rounds of quality checks before getting dispatched. If you wish to gift someone all very rich and beautiful brass piece, then have a look at our brass gift items online.

Give your house are better and upgraded look. Decorate with essential and the correct items invest your time and money on brass items online shopping this year and the change in your life. Choose prime clues for all your needs and sit relaxed at your home our products and delivery will reach you in no time.

Best of Home Furnishings At Affordable Prices

Home Furnishings

Homes are the place to sit back and relax. Home is the place that holds so much of good memories and moments within it. There can be no place as beautiful and as secure as a home. All of us want to make our house look aesthetic.  Furniture adds beauty and show to the house. They are essential pieces that are a must in every household.

Just as important as furniture is to a household, it is equally difficult to find the right fit. Primeclues is a one-stop destination for all your furniture needs. They provide world-class Home furnishing items which can lift up the look of your house. All the furniture are very cost-effective, an appeal to the mass audience.

At prime clues, a lot of emphases is put on quality and design. The company ensures that all the products are of the best quality and satisfy customer needs.

Buy furnishing from Primeclues

Primeclues provide you with a wide range of varieties and furnishings. It is the best online furnishing store where you can find all your daily mean furniture. We deal in a wide variety of soft furnishings that can give your house a charismatic look. Our home furnishing products are the best in the market and upgrade the look of your house.

Our online furnishing store comprises of Oriental curtains and furnishings which look very aesthetic. These furnishings in offline markets cost a ton.

Best online store for soft furnishings

Primeclues is a major provider of luxury soft furnishings. Be it a couch, a sofa or a furnishing bed cover we leave no stone unturned. Our service is installations are regarded as the best in the industry. With hands-on experience and proper understanding of customer needs a market, we design high quality and beautiful home furnishings. Give your house some fantastic home furniture by shopping online at prime clues.

We also provide Classy hometown bath accessories to lift up your mood and give your bathroom a very rich organized look. Bathrooms are the places where one can relax and escape the world to explore a new era of freshness. We at primeclues ensure that your bathing experience does not get obstructed due to the absence of proper furnishings in your bathroom. Choose from a wide range of bathroom furnishings at prime clues.

All kinds of home furnishings at affordable prices

Price is a great determinant when it comes to buying furniture. Often many stores dim and a hefty amount of money for the simplest of furniture sets. However, at Primeclues, you get the best experience and designs at highly affordable prices. Our team curates the best prices, which are way less than the market price. Now you can buy furnishing guilt-free. Be it any home furnishing product; we promise to deliver it to your doorstep. Our highly customized furniture is also a center of attraction for the customers.

Shop at prime clues offers top-notch experience and joy of shopping for furnishing items and decorating your house. Such designs at such great prices are a rare combination to find. Join our network of thousands of customers and bring home your packet of happiness. Shop at the primeclues today and buy home furnishings online

Buy Best Corporate Gifts Online on Discount

Gifting Items

Gifts bring a lot of joy to everyone’s faces and minds. There can be no one occasion to gift someone. With the culture of love being promoted through every fold of India, the need for a cheap and quality gifting items provider is a must. Primeclues just solved all your problems. It is one of the largest e-commerce gifting platforms.

Corporate gifts are an area where most of us get confused.  We often end up committing mistakes. But with Prime Clues by your side, you could choose from some of the best corporate gifts available. Prime Clues is one of the greatest wholesale gift shop suppliers.  We are in the industry to help you make the gift very special.

Best Corporate Gifts Online

Corporate gifts are different from normal gifts.  They are meant to be more formal and sophisticated. Offline gift shops sell corporate gift items at a very high cost. But at Prime Clues, we offer a wide variety of cheap and bulk corporate gifts from renowned brands. All our products are authentic and come with special packaging.

We offer cheap new year corporate gift items that can improve your company’s and your reputation. These items are of great quality and leave an ever-lasting impression on the clients. The range of our corporate gifting includes gift hampers, gift boxes and corporate items.

Our gift packing are of a great standard.  We customize all the products as requested by our customers. Gifts being so important, we ensure to make every gift of yours very special. Our online gift shop is the center where you can find everything.

Get the Best at Affordable Prices

Primeclues is known for its affordability. We do not charge you an extra penny on anything. Our objective is to spread happiness and not incur profits. The art of corporate gifting takes time to attain expertise. Primeclues understands she field very well. We supply cheap wholesale gift shop items to your doorsteps.  It a company function or any personal event, choose prime Clues as your gifting partner.

Primeclues is an eminent name within gift shop wholesale distributors. Prime Clues usually trade all the products that you can find at various gift shops at a much lower rate. We believe that gifting should be from the heart, and there should be no hesitance involves. Heavy prices often make people hesitant on buying gifts. Prime Clues is aimed at removing all these hesitations.

Choose PrimeClues

Prime Clues is the one destination where you can find all your favorites at one go. We are a cheap gift shop online that can offer you with all the products you would have ever wanted. Buy at Prime Clues today. Gift all your corporate friends and clients with amazing goodies and aesthetic hampers and boxes. Improve your relation by shopping from Prime Clues.

Deck Your Kitchen Up with Amazing Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchens are the center of attraction in the house. So many recipes and stories are curated in that single place. Starting from grandmother, mother, father’s special cooking day, to your first cooking day, everything is contained in the space of the kitchen.  For a space so special and dear to our heart, some extra attention is much needed. Be it the very beautiful and strong multi-purpose borosilicate containers or small and portable spice holders, our kitchen is a host for everything.

Our kitchen hosts the greatest number of appliances in the house. If you want to redesign or deck up your kitchen with some great appliances, you have just hit the right chord. In a time where everything is so costly, Prime Clues delivers to you best wholesale kitchen appliances.

Prime Clues is a very big name in the kitchen appliance wholesale suppliers circle. They provide you the best kitchen appliances deals for wholesale. The service and quality provided by Prime Clues is unmatchable. Prime Clues understands the needs and requirements of the people very well and adheres to all your requirements. We aim at providing our customers with the best appliances from well-known brands at affordable prices.

Switch to a Service with Surety

At Primeclues, our quality of service is our prime focus. We take all measures to ensure that you only get the best products. All the products undergo a final quality check before getting dispatched. The appliances are checked for proper working and wiring by our experts. You could buy a varied range of wholesale appliances online with Prime Clues.

The site is an expert dealer in borosilicate appliances like electric kettles, French coffee press and many storage appliances. It also deals in spice grinders for the wide range of spice available in India. Be it turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, dhaniya, cumin or any other spice. Now grind all the spices at the safety and comfort of your home.

Get best deals at unmatched prices.

One thing that you can stop worrying about at Primeclues is hyped prices. Our sales team compares all the prices spread across various platforms to decide on the best price for our customers. Not only big, but we also deal in small appliances.

Our small kitchen store section contains the best small kitchen appliances. Top home appliances brands’ products find their way to Prime Clues. Here these products are offered to you without any extra cost.   The range of appliances we deal in has a never-ending list. Be it toaster, electric cooker, best domestic coffee machine, microwave, or any other product that you want, switch to our online website to discover the best kitchen appliances deals.

Deck Your Kitchen Up with Amazing Appliances

Your kitchen deserves so much of love and care. Appliances are very important to the kitchen space. Buy small kitchen appliances wholesale and add the optimal amount of bling to your kitchen. Small items in the kitchen make it more attractive and efficient. The smallest of appliances can help in the greatest ways. Invest some time surfing through the pages of Primeclues and discover great deals and prices.

Primeclues is one of the greatest home appliances wholesale distributors. Our wide network around the  country ensures a secure and fast delivery of anything that you order. Connect with us today to give your kitchen some great pieces of appliances. Buy from the wide range of home appliances available on  Prime Clues today. It is not a deal to miss.

Buy Baby and Kids Wear on wholesale in your Brands Name

We also offer baby and kids wear in bulk/wholesale in your brands name. Contact us to learn more about this option.

Nowadays, fashionable clothes are all the hype- be it for adults or kids. If you want to dress your kids in the trendiest possible clothes, Primeclues will help you achieve that goal. Whether you’re looking for the most fun colours and patterns, or the best quality kidswear that will last long, you will be sure to find what you need at

Their apparel collection is a must-have for all those who want their kids to boast a unique sense of style at a party or any other occasion. Their online shop for kidswear does not only present the best designs and long-lasting clothes but also assure comfort and ease for your child at the most affordable rates that don’t take a toll on your pockets every time your kid outgrows their old clothes and requires new ones to replace them.

Avail the Best Quality Kids’ Clothes

Primeclues will provide you with great value, high quality and stylish clothing that encompass outfits for a range of occasions, from kid’s ethnic wear, kid’s party wear, to kid’s formal wear and winter baby shower outfit. You’ll find adorable clothing for children that you can have customized to suit your specific tastes. You also get the convenience of shopping online from the comfort of your house.

For the boys

Boys clothing has now evolved from the same old boring t-shirt and pants to a variety that follows the latest fashion and dresses in accordance to the occasion. The element of style need not be sacrificed to achieve the right fit and comfort. Buy baby boy clothes for any or every occasion.

Discover little boy formal wear, boy kid party wear dress online or a collection of daily wear including playful shirts, tapered jeans, cargo shorts, knitwear and other daily wear for boys under the age of 8. Boys from 8-14 years can explore the range of fitted shirt pants, jeans, bold graphic tees, slogan tees, nautical themes or dinosaur themed t-shirts and sweatpants.

For the girls

Your baby girl deserves the best designed and comfortable outfits. Primeclues boasts of having a collection of clothing that includes various designs for every kind of event. Whether it’s a birthday party, a family function, a festive occasion or a formal event, shop for the best outfits available for your little princess. 

Primeclues offer everything ranging from jeans, legging, dungarees, and ethnic outfits to playsuits, ballet shoes, and vibrant hair accessories in the most beautiful prints, stripes and themes for girls under the age of 8. For girls between 8-14 years, you can explore slim fits jeans, stylish tops, jersey dresses, jumpsuits and even comfy pyjamas.

For your infants

Discover a whole wardrobe collection for your newborn baby or kids under the age of 2 years at Primeclues. Explore the range of clothing from cute onesies, bodysuits, kimono tops, jerseys, sleepers, baby hats and socks in the most comfortable super- organic material that doesn’t chafe or harm your baby’s skin.

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